Thursday, July 29, 2004

Rice argument

Molly and I were arguing about how much water to put into brown rice today and I was starting to get kind of annoyed because I have a really certain ratio that I have always used and it always turns out nice and tender. Anyhow I had my hands on my hips while she was trying to make her case and all of a sudden my shorts fell down. I had them tied and everything, but they just fell right to the ground. It was like somebody pantsed me from behind, but no one was there. Maybe the elastic snapped, I had that happen once in this pair of shorts that I coded in for most of last summer. Anyhow, since my shorts fell down she kind of won the argument by default and I let her cook the brown rice the way she wanted.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Oh insane

Man I was at the post office this afternoon because I had to mail some rebates in for Gramma K (which is always kind of an annoying task because they could just go in the mailbox like everything else, but she doesn't trust the postman and makes me take them in. Plus it was pretty hot today and I was kind of sweating and the tag in my shirt hell of scraped up and down on my side as I walked). Anyhow so I was all annoyed and I was thinking to myself "what could happen right now to make this day even slightly better" and like exactly three moments later a lady's pants fell down.

Just like that, just right there in the post office, a butt that just had underwear on, about three people ahead of me. It was a normal type of lady, she had real estate hair and kind of dressy clothes on. No one knew what to do for a second but then this one "good man" type of guy sort of turned and faced everyone with his arms crossed so that we would feel bad about looking at her. She real quick squatted down and pulled them back up and was like beet red about the situation. All nervously smiling she mumbled about needing to get something out of her car, but she obviously just ditched out.

Man, how do you deal with your pants falling down and folks seeing your drawers at the post office.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Oh man such good ribs

Molly knows that I really like to cook some ribs and so she got me this cookbook from this guy named Michael somebody (she's always buying books, and like constantly reading, a lot like me, except I usually borrow the books from Téodor's house cause they got a good library). Anyhow sorry the point was that this Michael guy has a legendary rib recipe and that's why she got me the book. The recipe is for beef short ribs, but instead of bbq'ing them you braise them, which is insane.*

Anyhow all day Sunday we prepared this kind of complicated recipe with all these gourmet ingredients, and we even made polenta, which is like cheesy italian porridge that Molly likes to eat (I now like it too). Gramma K was at church so Molly was in a pretty good mood to hang out in the kitchen all afternoon.

The ribs turned out delicious. The meat was so melty and fallin' off the bone, with this rich dark sauce that just cooked my dog. I said that Molly had really made a good choice in deciding which cookbook to get and she gave me another one of those big old love-hugs and kissed me on the cheek. I think she even had kind of wet eyes.

Then Gramma K got back from church and she was kind of gassed (they usually have wine) and for a minute she was even nice to Molly. She goes "What a nice smell. Molly did you cook something good." Molly could see how things were and just said a simple "Thank You Gramma K" that wasn't likely to excite much interaction. Anyhow, I'm glad she had a positive experience with Gramma K and also I am glad about those ribs. Sunday was pretty good. 

Also on Sunday I peeled this one cuticle so far back that it bled really bad and I had to put a cold compress on it and wrap it in a Band-Aid. It's kind of swollen now so every time I tap a key with that finger it throbs a little.
* Braising is when you simmer tough foods for a long time in liquid, which makes them softer. 

Friday, July 23, 2004

Oh nice

Tonight at farmer's market there was this new rotisserie chicken place and I picked up a bird for me and Molly to have for dinner. I also got some of this cheddar garlic bread loaf type thing to have with the chicken. I figured that would make a pretty good meal. Man, it was weird, a lot of the women at the farmer's market were pretty sexy and looked good in their clothes today. Maybe it was just too hot and I was delirious but damn, what is it about a farmer's market that makes a strange woman look so good.

Anyhow Molly made fun of me because I thought that chicken and bread would be a full dinner and she real quick cooked up a string bean casserole using canned string beans, egg, canned mushroom soup and canned onion shreds as a topping. It really tied the meal together. I feel weird that I cannot even see how to make a basic meal work and yet she does it instinctually in under three seconds. I'm like clapping two pieces of coal against my forehead and she takes them away and lights them and boils some soup. What's up Roast Beef you wet wick.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Got a haircut today

Lyle is kind of busy lately but he had time to give me a haircut today around three. I wear it pretty tight, you know, because I got real unruly curly stuff, and he does a good job keeping the pate in check. I guess not many folks would know this but before he was all working in food service he was a hairdresser with a cosmetology license and such. I don't mean hairdresser like a guy who has the latest kind of pants on, he was just good at what he did. He still is, and I guess he could get a chair in some salon, but that ain't where he's at right now. He takes care of the dudes in the neighborhood for some scratch here and there and that's it.

Funny that when he was finishing me up Molly walked in and he sized her up pretty good and pretty soon he had her down in the chair. He did some quick cuts and right away her hair fell in kind of nicer proportion to her face. She looked really pretty, actually, like some old movie star from the twenties. So anyhow they scheduled an appointment for day after tomorrow and even talked about maybe coloring her hair. I didn't know that Lyle could do color too.

OK, I'm gonna grab some Saltines then make for the sheets.  

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Saturday turned out OK

So this morning Molly woke me up with a really tasty cup of coffee and right away I started to feel pretty good (I had been dreading waking up, I don't know how you can dread waking up when you're not even thinking, but what can I say). We hung out and had some hot rolls and kind of got ready for a day. Then about an hour later the caffeine jitters hit me like they always do and I was tense and a wreck and tryin' to leave for some place you can't get to.  Anyhow a little while later that feeling abated and I was kind of serene, you know, all benevolent, so I did a bunch of chores around the house. I fixed the front ramp that always squeaks when Gramma K's wheelchair goes over it, and I also watered a bunch of the plants. It looked like Molly had been watering the plants as well, so I thanked her for that. She got all beamy and gave me this big old hug, like way too big of a hug just for a simple Thank You, but what can I do. Then she decided that we should go on this nice dinner picnic and so we got some paid-for deli sandwiches at a place and also this sun tea she had been making and also some kettle chips. Later we got home and Braveheart was on (try not watching that movie sometime). Now she's all asleep but I'm kind of stoked still so I'm gonna work on coding this idea I've been having that maps computer keyboard keys to actual piano keys. Should be kind of fun.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Friday not much better

As if I wasn't having a bad enough week, now Gramma K has given more of her money to goddam phone scammers. This time it was the Canadian State Lottery? Anyhow, they got her whole month's social security so I guess I got to cover her bills again. I don't think I'm gonna tell Molly, she doesn't like Gramma enough as it is without having more reasons to think low of her.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


DAMMIT it costs sixty five bucks to have the blades on the reel mower refinished WHY did I leave it in the yard all winter it is RUSTY now god DAMMIT I am a useless son of a BITCH

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

almost feelin' good today

I was out in the back yard clippin' my fingernails and I had just got this one real nice and even and all of a sudden I realized, "you know what, I almost feel pretty good today." It was like kind of a relief, I could just walk around and look at stuff and things would be fine. Then I noticed that the little shaft of the clippers was getting kind of rusty and was probably going to break soon. Anyhow, that's all that happened today. Oh and I made BLS sandwiches for me and Molly. I guess she doesn't like salami 'cause she gave me hers.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Man do I feel dumb

So last night I had kind of an anxiety attack and left the house, don't really know for where. I guess this must have looked pretty weird to Molly, me just leaving without saying anything and not going home until the middle of the night. That's the weird part about having somebody else around all the time, you got to be responsible to them you and you got to do things like explain why you're holding your head and running out of the house.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

S*itty afternoon.

If you are sitting next to someone, you can look at their head and realize that one day their head will either be resting on a pillow in a grave or cremated. No-joke, if you can stop and realize that it will put your brake on. I don't know. I was sitting next to Téodor today while we took in some Behind The Music about Janis Joplin and I got this wave of depression and looked at him that way. He didn't notice 'cause he was eating a root beer float, but damn. Even such people as Michael Douglas and Flea are one day gonna not have the choice to wake up again. Damn. Man, this is f. up. I got to get away from this computer. Life is too delicate to sit and type when such as my nucleotides could this very day be on the path to total failure, etc.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

kind of dull afternoon

Back to School was on so we just watched that and had some Wow chips. I had kind of a head on from last night so I nursed a Keystone and tried not to feel too guilty and bad. I'm gonna take some antioxidants later and flush the system.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

32 Pastas

I got the gemelli with bolognese sauce and Molly got the raviolis with pesto. I always finish all my pasta at 32 Pastas even though the portions are dang huge. Molly couldn't finish and said I could have her leftovers for lunch today since she was goin' down to the mall to pick up some stationery (I can't stand the stationery industry I think it is 3x bogus for suckers) and wanted the clam chowder in the sourdough bowl at Boudin's or however you spell that.

Oh dang Téodor just called and invited me over for risotto (cook risotto a little more often why don't you Téodor). He forgot to invite Molly so I am kind of uncomfortable about just showing up with her. Dang I hate when manners stick a dude in the lurch. I can't tell her he forgot to invite her 'cause then she'll feel like he doesn't like her.

I know, I will call and say "is it alright if Molly brings some wine" and that will put the ball in his court. That is kind of a deceptive way to play it but the dude did this to me.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

playing with video drivers

So yesterday I got kind of deep into Molly's new machine just tricking it out in as good of a way as I remembered how to do. I got the old bug again to play around with the chipset and the drivers and all of that and pretty soon I had figured out a way to crank the resolution up to 3584 x 2688, which was incredible. It is such an efficient size. She did not like it though because she is more interested to use the machine to game and write her diary and stuff like that, she is not usually having like 36 ssh windows open and all of that, plus the reference RFCs and such. Man when she was out today getting a coffee I 3584'd it and just sailed through a couple things I'd been wanting to try.

Oh well anyhow she came back all chippy on her coffee and since gramma k was asleep she didn't have to deal with her so she was in a pretty good mood. I wish gramma k didn't rub her the wrong way but what are you going to do. Since Molly doesn't like her cooking we are going down to 32 Pastas tonight (they have 32 shapes of pasta and you can choose from among five sauces that you would want on the pasta). It's a pretty good place, you definitely get your money's worth.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

man do I feel stupid

So pretty late tonight I was down at The Foo Lounge, this place down along things which is usually a pretty hip club to go see new bands and generally be on the edge of it. I knew some of the dudes in one of the bands so I acted all large and opened a tab for us all and pretty soon I was all just The Man and always getting rounds and also always one for me. Needless to say before too long I was demolition-doped on vodka and red bulls. Anyhow after the show there was this dumb panhandler/artist hanging around outside where we were cooling off and he had all these cheap handmade leather belts and things, like punk looking, like a bandolier belt with Whip-Its instead of bullets, stuff like that. Anyhow I am such a sucker I started looking at the stuff and soon I felt bad that I would not be buying any of it so I was like "Hey I have some friends who have a ton of empty Whip-Its maybe I could hook you up" (of course referring to Todd etc) and he gave me his phone number which I programmed into my cell as "JR EMPTIES" because the dude's name was JR. Then I bummed a cigarette off him and he was all a dick about it (I guess because he is a poor bad artisan) which was doubly bad of me because I was too spunned to smoke more than about one puff of it and I stamped it out. I walked a little ways away from him after that and decided not to care about him.

Oh and also I tried to buy a shirt from one of the bands for Molly (it said "Sexxuality" on the front) but they only had Men's stuff so I got one for me. I don't remember the walk home but I think I got some kebab at Scottish Pete's because my mouth has kind of a hot Sriracha taste in it and I feel kind of guilty/bad.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

I saw a weird thing

Man I was kicking it on the curb just now putting out a butt after lunch and in the entire dry street and empty gutters there was this one ball of hair like the size of a baseball. Like a dust bunny, you know, all with thick dust altocumulus and tiny fragments of paper and stuff in it (think of an electron could). I guess it fell out of a car? Anyhow I just sat lookin' at it for a while thinking about all the heads the hair probably came off of, and then thinking about my own hair and how it's pretty sad that when a hair falls off you it just goes out of your life, it's got your code and everything all locked up in it and it was a part of you that you didn't say goodbye to. So I came up in here and turned on that Beck song "Lost Cause" on WinAmp because that's kind of how I'm feeling. I don't know why this little stuff makes me depressed, I mean if Ray saw that ball of hair he'd probably go get his putter or have a drink and call some friends. I guess it's cause I grew up in Circumstances and he didn't.

Friday, July 02, 2004

man don't go by the sports bar unless you want to get depressed

So this place ain't like a "sports bar" with pennants and big screen tvs and biggish guys in chinos and beepers who are predisposed to heart disease pounding beers on friday but rather a real down at the mouth dead ender type place, you know, open at 6am kind of place for the shakes, real dark and can't see inside. I had to drop off some of gramma's stuff at the consignment and so I walked past it today. Man what a mistake. There was this shaky lady outside in dirty pants with elastic cuffs and in a dirty Members Only jacket, bummin' a cigarette off a normal man who was walkin' by. Her hair was like Moe's hair (3 stooges) but stickin' up everywhere and hella bleached and frazzled. One of her fingers was broken and splinted and her hands were real dirty. She would only look down and wouldn't make any eye contact I guess cause she was so ashamed of herself. Then when she got the cigarette she went over to this other guy who she was hangin' out with and he was a real treat. Super skinny with highwaters on, and mismatched stripey socks like from 1910, cheap dopey shirt obviously from the salvation army or just a bag he found, totally crazy eyes just pissed on beer. The best part was that he was missin' a tooth. A guy like that never gets a new tooth put in, he just doesn't have that tooth anymore. These drunks get these little injuries from stumblin' around and fallin' and fightin' and pretty soon they just take themselves outta commission. When I was walkin' back past on the way home (couldn't help it, you know, like a car crash) there was a real piece of work hangin' out front of the sports bar smokin' by himself: kind of like a punk rock snake guy with his leathers practically molded onto his body, you know, and like half of his face had turned brown from drinkin'. I read that that happens. The rest was all like broken blood vessels and I just kept my head down and acted like I was depressed so he wouldn't call me out or up and give me the hassle. Man who runs a place like the sports bar.


The local dudes who run the 7-11 always wore turbans until 9/11 and since then they always wore like 49ers baseball caps with a simple head-wrap underneath the cap so as not to show any middle-eastern identity (and thus get bothered by race-profilers). For the last couple months they wore their normal turbans again, but then on June 23 they switched back to baseball caps. Does this mean something.


hello world