Thursday, July 08, 2004

32 Pastas

I got the gemelli with bolognese sauce and Molly got the raviolis with pesto. I always finish all my pasta at 32 Pastas even though the portions are dang huge. Molly couldn't finish and said I could have her leftovers for lunch today since she was goin' down to the mall to pick up some stationery (I can't stand the stationery industry I think it is 3x bogus for suckers) and wanted the clam chowder in the sourdough bowl at Boudin's or however you spell that.

Oh dang Téodor just called and invited me over for risotto (cook risotto a little more often why don't you Téodor). He forgot to invite Molly so I am kind of uncomfortable about just showing up with her. Dang I hate when manners stick a dude in the lurch. I can't tell her he forgot to invite her 'cause then she'll feel like he doesn't like her.

I know, I will call and say "is it alright if Molly brings some wine" and that will put the ball in his court. That is kind of a deceptive way to play it but the dude did this to me.