Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Got a haircut today

Lyle is kind of busy lately but he had time to give me a haircut today around three. I wear it pretty tight, you know, because I got real unruly curly stuff, and he does a good job keeping the pate in check. I guess not many folks would know this but before he was all working in food service he was a hairdresser with a cosmetology license and such. I don't mean hairdresser like a guy who has the latest kind of pants on, he was just good at what he did. He still is, and I guess he could get a chair in some salon, but that ain't where he's at right now. He takes care of the dudes in the neighborhood for some scratch here and there and that's it.

Funny that when he was finishing me up Molly walked in and he sized her up pretty good and pretty soon he had her down in the chair. He did some quick cuts and right away her hair fell in kind of nicer proportion to her face. She looked really pretty, actually, like some old movie star from the twenties. So anyhow they scheduled an appointment for day after tomorrow and even talked about maybe coloring her hair. I didn't know that Lyle could do color too.

OK, I'm gonna grab some Saltines then make for the sheets.