Saturday, July 03, 2004

I saw a weird thing

Man I was kicking it on the curb just now putting out a butt after lunch and in the entire dry street and empty gutters there was this one ball of hair like the size of a baseball. Like a dust bunny, you know, all with thick dust altocumulus and tiny fragments of paper and stuff in it (think of an electron could). I guess it fell out of a car? Anyhow I just sat lookin' at it for a while thinking about all the heads the hair probably came off of, and then thinking about my own hair and how it's pretty sad that when a hair falls off you it just goes out of your life, it's got your code and everything all locked up in it and it was a part of you that you didn't say goodbye to. So I came up in here and turned on that Beck song "Lost Cause" on WinAmp because that's kind of how I'm feeling. I don't know why this little stuff makes me depressed, I mean if Ray saw that ball of hair he'd probably go get his putter or have a drink and call some friends. I guess it's cause I grew up in Circumstances and he didn't.