Tuesday, July 06, 2004

man do I feel stupid

So pretty late tonight I was down at The Foo Lounge, this place down along things which is usually a pretty hip club to go see new bands and generally be on the edge of it. I knew some of the dudes in one of the bands so I acted all large and opened a tab for us all and pretty soon I was all just The Man and always getting rounds and also always one for me. Needless to say before too long I was demolition-doped on vodka and red bulls. Anyhow after the show there was this dumb panhandler/artist hanging around outside where we were cooling off and he had all these cheap handmade leather belts and things, like punk looking, like a bandolier belt with Whip-Its instead of bullets, stuff like that. Anyhow I am such a sucker I started looking at the stuff and soon I felt bad that I would not be buying any of it so I was like "Hey I have some friends who have a ton of empty Whip-Its maybe I could hook you up" (of course referring to Todd etc) and he gave me his phone number which I programmed into my cell as "JR EMPTIES" because the dude's name was JR. Then I bummed a cigarette off him and he was all a dick about it (I guess because he is a poor bad artisan) which was doubly bad of me because I was too spunned to smoke more than about one puff of it and I stamped it out. I walked a little ways away from him after that and decided not to care about him.

Oh and also I tried to buy a shirt from one of the bands for Molly (it said "Sexxuality" on the front) but they only had Men's stuff so I got one for me. I don't remember the walk home but I think I got some kebab at Scottish Pete's because my mouth has kind of a hot Sriracha taste in it and I feel kind of guilty/bad.