Friday, July 02, 2004

man don't go by the sports bar unless you want to get depressed

So this place ain't like a "sports bar" with pennants and big screen tvs and biggish guys in chinos and beepers who are predisposed to heart disease pounding beers on friday but rather a real down at the mouth dead ender type place, you know, open at 6am kind of place for the shakes, real dark and can't see inside. I had to drop off some of gramma's stuff at the consignment and so I walked past it today. Man what a mistake. There was this shaky lady outside in dirty pants with elastic cuffs and in a dirty Members Only jacket, bummin' a cigarette off a normal man who was walkin' by. Her hair was like Moe's hair (3 stooges) but stickin' up everywhere and hella bleached and frazzled. One of her fingers was broken and splinted and her hands were real dirty. She would only look down and wouldn't make any eye contact I guess cause she was so ashamed of herself. Then when she got the cigarette she went over to this other guy who she was hangin' out with and he was a real treat. Super skinny with highwaters on, and mismatched stripey socks like from 1910, cheap dopey shirt obviously from the salvation army or just a bag he found, totally crazy eyes just pissed on beer. The best part was that he was missin' a tooth. A guy like that never gets a new tooth put in, he just doesn't have that tooth anymore. These drunks get these little injuries from stumblin' around and fallin' and fightin' and pretty soon they just take themselves outta commission. When I was walkin' back past on the way home (couldn't help it, you know, like a car crash) there was a real piece of work hangin' out front of the sports bar smokin' by himself: kind of like a punk rock snake guy with his leathers practically molded onto his body, you know, and like half of his face had turned brown from drinkin'. I read that that happens. The rest was all like broken blood vessels and I just kept my head down and acted like I was depressed so he wouldn't call me out or up and give me the hassle. Man who runs a place like the sports bar.