Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Oh insane

Man I was at the post office this afternoon because I had to mail some rebates in for Gramma K (which is always kind of an annoying task because they could just go in the mailbox like everything else, but she doesn't trust the postman and makes me take them in. Plus it was pretty hot today and I was kind of sweating and the tag in my shirt hell of scraped up and down on my side as I walked). Anyhow so I was all annoyed and I was thinking to myself "what could happen right now to make this day even slightly better" and like exactly three moments later a lady's pants fell down.

Just like that, just right there in the post office, a butt that just had underwear on, about three people ahead of me. It was a normal type of lady, she had real estate hair and kind of dressy clothes on. No one knew what to do for a second but then this one "good man" type of guy sort of turned and faced everyone with his arms crossed so that we would feel bad about looking at her. She real quick squatted down and pulled them back up and was like beet red about the situation. All nervously smiling she mumbled about needing to get something out of her car, but she obviously just ditched out.

Man, how do you deal with your pants falling down and folks seeing your drawers at the post office.