Sunday, July 25, 2004

Oh man such good ribs

Molly knows that I really like to cook some ribs and so she got me this cookbook from this guy named Michael somebody (she's always buying books, and like constantly reading, a lot like me, except I usually borrow the books from Téodor's house cause they got a good library). Anyhow sorry the point was that this Michael guy has a legendary rib recipe and that's why she got me the book. The recipe is for beef short ribs, but instead of bbq'ing them you braise them, which is insane.*

Anyhow all day Sunday we prepared this kind of complicated recipe with all these gourmet ingredients, and we even made polenta, which is like cheesy italian porridge that Molly likes to eat (I now like it too). Gramma K was at church so Molly was in a pretty good mood to hang out in the kitchen all afternoon.

The ribs turned out delicious. The meat was so melty and fallin' off the bone, with this rich dark sauce that just cooked my dog. I said that Molly had really made a good choice in deciding which cookbook to get and she gave me another one of those big old love-hugs and kissed me on the cheek. I think she even had kind of wet eyes.

Then Gramma K got back from church and she was kind of gassed (they usually have wine) and for a minute she was even nice to Molly. She goes "What a nice smell. Molly did you cook something good." Molly could see how things were and just said a simple "Thank You Gramma K" that wasn't likely to excite much interaction. Anyhow, I'm glad she had a positive experience with Gramma K and also I am glad about those ribs. Sunday was pretty good. 

Also on Sunday I peeled this one cuticle so far back that it bled really bad and I had to put a cold compress on it and wrap it in a Band-Aid. It's kind of swollen now so every time I tap a key with that finger it throbs a little.
* Braising is when you simmer tough foods for a long time in liquid, which makes them softer.