Friday, July 23, 2004

Oh nice

Tonight at farmer's market there was this new rotisserie chicken place and I picked up a bird for me and Molly to have for dinner. I also got some of this cheddar garlic bread loaf type thing to have with the chicken. I figured that would make a pretty good meal. Man, it was weird, a lot of the women at the farmer's market were pretty sexy and looked good in their clothes today. Maybe it was just too hot and I was delirious but damn, what is it about a farmer's market that makes a strange woman look so good.

Anyhow Molly made fun of me because I thought that chicken and bread would be a full dinner and she real quick cooked up a string bean casserole using canned string beans, egg, canned mushroom soup and canned onion shreds as a topping. It really tied the meal together. I feel weird that I cannot even see how to make a basic meal work and yet she does it instinctually in under three seconds. I'm like clapping two pieces of coal against my forehead and she takes them away and lights them and boils some soup. What's up Roast Beef you wet wick.