Wednesday, July 07, 2004

playing with video drivers

So yesterday I got kind of deep into Molly's new machine just tricking it out in as good of a way as I remembered how to do. I got the old bug again to play around with the chipset and the drivers and all of that and pretty soon I had figured out a way to crank the resolution up to 3584 x 2688, which was incredible. It is such an efficient size. She did not like it though because she is more interested to use the machine to game and write her diary and stuff like that, she is not usually having like 36 ssh windows open and all of that, plus the reference RFCs and such. Man when she was out today getting a coffee I 3584'd it and just sailed through a couple things I'd been wanting to try.

Oh well anyhow she came back all chippy on her coffee and since gramma k was asleep she didn't have to deal with her so she was in a pretty good mood. I wish gramma k didn't rub her the wrong way but what are you going to do. Since Molly doesn't like her cooking we are going down to 32 Pastas tonight (they have 32 shapes of pasta and you can choose from among five sauces that you would want on the pasta). It's a pretty good place, you definitely get your money's worth.