Sunday, July 18, 2004

Saturday turned out OK

So this morning Molly woke me up with a really tasty cup of coffee and right away I started to feel pretty good (I had been dreading waking up, I don't know how you can dread waking up when you're not even thinking, but what can I say). We hung out and had some hot rolls and kind of got ready for a day. Then about an hour later the caffeine jitters hit me like they always do and I was tense and a wreck and tryin' to leave for some place you can't get to.  Anyhow a little while later that feeling abated and I was kind of serene, you know, all benevolent, so I did a bunch of chores around the house. I fixed the front ramp that always squeaks when Gramma K's wheelchair goes over it, and I also watered a bunch of the plants. It looked like Molly had been watering the plants as well, so I thanked her for that. She got all beamy and gave me this big old hug, like way too big of a hug just for a simple Thank You, but what can I do. Then she decided that we should go on this nice dinner picnic and so we got some paid-for deli sandwiches at a place and also this sun tea she had been making and also some kettle chips. Later we got home and Braveheart was on (try not watching that movie sometime). Now she's all asleep but I'm kind of stoked still so I'm gonna work on coding this idea I've been having that maps computer keyboard keys to actual piano keys. Should be kind of fun.