Sunday, August 01, 2004

Just doin' some gardening, making some food, no big deal of a day

Things were kind of tense between Molly and me yesterday because she was mad at me for not dancing at Ray's. I tried to explain that for me dancing is like being shot at by guns but I guess some things a person just can't understand. She kept pulling my arm real hard to get me out on the dance floor but I was all Newton's Third on that, and ditched into the crowd. She finally got Téodor to dance with her, which was a huge relief, but they were only out there for a few seconds before Pat showed up with this cane and pushed everybody off the dance floor and started trying to make this really chubby lady dance with him. She wasn't having any of it and kept slapping him on the face and the sides of the head so finally he pushed her away and she was just glaring at him, her nostrils totally puffing open and closed. Then he squatted down and started slapping his thighs and knees in time with the music. Folks could make no kind of sense of this, and just when we were starting to get really uncomfortable, he sprung up and did this kind of crazy backflip and broke both of his legs. I looked at Molly and was like "see, dancin's no good" but she just scowled at me and went to call an ambulance.

The party picked up pretty good after they hauled Pat away, and Téodor and Molly seemed to like dancing together so I played some blackjack (Ray's new butler dealt for about an hour) and lost twenty bucks. That's okay because I ate at least that much worth of fresh oysters on the half shell, damn those were good.

Anyhow today we're just planting some stuff around the yard and enjoying not being mad at each other. I think we're gonna make a Boboli for dinner and I'm gonna put salami on my half.