Friday, February 25, 2005

A man wanted to sell me a car

Dang so like I was completely walking along, and all of a sudden this guy wanted to sell me a car. I don't need a car so from the get-go I kind of approached the situation sort of fancifully. I was walking past the main parking lot for the Lemoni medical center, where a lot of cars that are for sale are usually parked along the sidewalk with their phone numbers on an interior placard.

I was just a dude who was walking so it struck me as weird that the guy was as aggressive as he was. His banter at first seemed kind of charming and Sales-y, but as we started to talk about the car more it became clear that he was probably a crazy person. He started to say all this stuff about how like if I had any second thoughts we could talk about the car over a round at Pebble Beach and then he even said some misogynistic stuff about women.

It was pretty strange to see a crazy person talk. He was really pushy and tried to get my home address, and he also wanted to know where I went to school. I figured out that he was trying to build up like a case study on me so that he could murder me, and I had all these ideas about pushing him over, but in the end I just left and walked away while he yelled towards me. You don't want to aggravate a crazy person, you never know when they'll fixate on you and try to come into your bedroom and do just unthinkable stuff.