Sunday, April 24, 2005

bad weekend

Dog so mainly I had a pretty bad weekend, it was a big thing going on at Ray's and Molly had some new spring dresses I could tell she wanted to dud up at the party, plus the weather has been good, and Téodor has been pretty on as far as email goes lately, and I was supposed to go to Ray's party and cool on it. However I did not want to.

First of all Showbiz called and he was pretty Needy (by Needy I mean he was on the meth and talking like Sharon Stone Casino fast) so I let him talk for a while and since I was in a bad mood I let my brother just blabber and when he finally thought his rhetoric had worn me down I said "dang man but that is bad. But I ain't got some green for you, you know, since right now is bad for me too." I could completely tell that he was used to people using that syntax and idea so it went pretty easy, he just said "Yeah" and hung up.

Secondly none of the nails on my right side have grown for over two weeks and I am sure I can trace this to a pretty bad vitamin deficiency or a tumor blocking the vitamins from going down my bloodstream on the right side. I am concerned about this. I might have haemoplasia or also series-10 duralitis. I guess I got to go down to the Lemoni center and get some bloodwork done this week. Dang but that is sour.