Friday, April 01, 2005

Man this is just nuts.

So as most of you will maybe know if you are reading this, I lived in Gramma K's trailer for a while but then I moved out and now I got digs in Ray's pool house. Still though Gramma K is real old school Greek about stuff and I got all this Easter stuff such as a little lapel pin of an angel that she wanted me to wear when I came over so she could cross me and we could pray on Showbiz for a minute. I wore the angel on my lapel and I felt completely stupid about it because a company made this stupid plastic/metal angel thing and my gramma bought it and now it is like supposed to be this important thing in our life. The bottom line is that Showbiz is a pretty stupid guy but he is my brother and no amount of religion is ever going to make me less responsible for him when he screws up. Gramma's opinion on people who screw up all the time is that we need to buy extra plastic angels for them. One time when we prayed I said I was mad at Showbiz for letting us all down and she slapped me really hard across the left part of my mouth, kind of putting a sting on the left part of my lips, which took a few days to heal.