Tuesday, April 19, 2005


So Molly got this spare TiVo box from Tina since Tina had upgraded her box to one that holds more shows. She brought it to the pool house and I set up a little wireless router that connects to a USB receiver device on the unit. A phone call later and we had the TiVo service. It is essentially amazing. Basically it is a proactive VCR with a great GUI and when you wake up the next day it has like sixteen shows you completely want to see. And you can toggle past the ads with like a simple flick of the button. Dogg it up.

I have it recording all kinds of X-Files as well as Arrested Development, and even on a lark I am having it tape this cooking show by Jacques Pepin (old school French cook) where he does nutty stuff like make complicated food real accessible to the average dummy, including braised beef and like fun French pastas which include eggs.

Okay so I am talking about TiVo. You probably already know all this stuff. If you will excuse me I will just go watch the TiVo and not prattle on about how I like to watch TV. If my blog was as sophisticated as TiVo, you would probably be able to apply for a rebate.