Saturday, May 07, 2005

Vaporizer !

Oh hee man but dang Téodor got this vaporizer and I tell you man it is like taking a hit off of one of those electric glass science globes that got a ball in the center and all this electricity radiates out towards the outer glass sphere. You know what I mean; it is like a 3-D bloodshot eyeball where the veins are replaced by slow ghostly lightning.

Me and him cooled it pretty good over at his place, no one was buggin' about the weed and plus the vaporizer creates like zero smells anyway due to the precisely calculated temperature holding point that does not ignite the plant matter. After we got pretty mad on the stuff he played real good old albums, like False Prophets and SLF and all this original old punk which has good bass guitar lines and inventive usage of destroyed guitar signals. Good bass guitar lines and a good singer is really what separates a decent punk outfit (7 Seconds, Operation Ivy) from the ribble rabble. You may not agree that Jello Biafra should sing the national anthem at the Kennedy Center Arts Honors but you will agree that without Paul Simonon The Clash would still be together and covering "Oh Mickey You're So Fine" at the opening of a specialized shoe store for folks who have extreme foot corns.

Okay uh thank you for reading Roast Beef's punk rock thought corner and next week I will say a few words about how it is too bad that nobody has Drunk Injuns albums anymore except for Tommy Guerrero's aunt who has all his old skate-era stuff in her attic.