Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New zine

Oh dogg it is meat on the bone, I am excited to release my new zine I been compiling. Check it in a week or two when MAN WHY YOU EVEN GOT TO DO A THING #1 will hit the stands.

Ingredients in this issue include:
A poem about car crashes, with a true life graphic
Interview with Téodor (4 pages)
Tenmen concert review
Interview with Ray about his ability to freestyle (2 pages)
"7 Ways to Have Hygiene"
Interview conducted with Pat inside of Pat's house (3 pages)
An Idea about Charles Dickens
Interview with Todd (1 page, cut short)
Another interview with Ray, regarding his life (2 pages)
The Curse Of The Sea Bitch (nautical fiction)
Recipes tons more treats and puzzles and such

This will be about two dozen all-new pages and all zine style, folded-over b/w straight up true, 2-sided, I am mad laying it up right now and wrestling with toner and constantly reinstalling my print driver for this cruddy-vas-deferens-cloggedy HP laser printer I got on loan from Ray. You have never seen any of this content anywhere so get used to picking up this little swelled-up print queue of a magazine, this little terrible zine that tells it how it is at my places and also at a few other dudes' places.