Monday, June 19, 2006

Zine volume 2

Man it is liquid in the pen, we already got 'zine no. 2 in the works, me and Tré-Odor, hell of having such a theme as THE SEX ISSUE. At least this is what we think so far. I got much of a long piece goin' where I review all types of porno and make a case that college departments should look to it for clues about society. Additionally we got some erotic fiction about a stoned dude who is at his apartment, and I am thinkin' Ed E. Haskell will even cook up a list of groundbreaking sex positions. I mean, how useful are those GQ magazine articles about the top new sex positions. I am so dissatisfied by the three main sex positions that often times I hate to roll into bed with my lady, so do I dread her no-imagination sex positions. I hate when she will not respond to my pleas that she lay face-down on the floor with the tops of her thighs on the seat of a rocking chair while I kind of gravity-spoon her from above, my elbows on the floor. I hate regular sex.

Also in THE SEX ISSUE is that raw Curse Of The Sea Bitch nautical fiction I had to leave outta' the last issue, and hopefully I will sneak in some hot nudity, if Tré-Odor will agree to sit on the HP ScanJet 3000 while I figure out the optimum driver settings.

Technology question of the day: will a scanner actually cook crepe batter if you set it to scan at highest quality and resolution. Will the lamp power be enough to cook the delicate batter. What if you scan it six times? Write me. This could be a new kind of restaurant or food cart idea.