Monday, August 21, 2006

I got to cook up basically some late-night nachos

Man it is a tough one when you are hungry for nachos and your lady is asleep and earlier in the week she has made a jab about how maybe you eat way-crazy amounts of sodium even though you constantly worry about sodium. It is like, all I have to do is hammer out a little more code for this client, just real basic stuff, and nothing would be better than DING! a hot-minute plate of nachos. Only I know the microwave DING! would wake her up and she would maybe like a minute later wander sleepily out into the room and rub her eyes and in a real tired dreamy voice mumble soft things about sodium while giving me a hug from behind.

So here I am, probably gonna make horrible code because I want nachos so bad. My belly is a grumbly acid place, it is all primed for nachos. I need to eat some nachos or I will get insane and just hold down the "enter" key with one finger until I snap and move to a hotel in the desert where there is a microwave, a silo full of tortilla chips, and a block of cheddar the size of a mobile home. And a nice grater with a little soapy sink where I can wash it off, plus paper towels for dabbing at the grease. Man what if a dude found a place like that. You wouldn't hear from the dude for at least 10.5 years.