Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Man I am over a dog about car things

So lately Molly said my Galaxie is hella bad on the emissions front (way more than true) and maybe we should look at gettin' a little Prius or somethin' together. Man tell me that ain't the slippery slope, and plus you know I am a dude of solid cars. I ain't sayin' we ain't got to clean up greenhouse damage and all that, but please can we do it with some cars that do not look like a Reebok. I mean a man cannot drive a Prius, it is like exactly the shape of the mouse that is under your hand, and has about the same horsepower.

I will tell you what. If you can put a Prius hybrid engine system in a '71 Eldorado, and get it so that it can at least attain a maximum speed of 25MPH, then I will drive it. No one wants to see an old Eldo go fast. The car was designed to glide real slow, to crawl past the strip, to be seen. I love the Galaxie but at times we got to admit we ain't at ALL addressin' slow car culture.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Man we got to talk about some noodles now.

Alright so Cornelius and Téodor and Lyle got back from this hype tri-dude colonoscopy they all had and they were all excited that the news was good. The dudes ordered up much Chinese food, basically every Asian treasure, and called in all the non-colon-aware dudes to come sample the delicious foodstuffs. Man it was so good against all the Italian pasta Molly's been cookin' up lately I hate to say it. An Asian dude can flavor up a noodle ten ways from Sunday in the time it takes an Italian dude to find his pants and wish he had a Lamborghini.

Often in the past I may have said bold claims about my favorite food being such as chili or simple steamed potatoes with butter but today it is definitely Chinese food. I mean it is a stone dis not to love Chinese food above all others, think about how many billions of people been perfectin' it for thousands of years, of course it is good. Italian people only been sportin' noodles since Marco Polo in 1300, hence any simple bowl of dan dan mein is gonna go private-school on capellini pomodoro. By the way Molly is probably going to cook capellini pomodoro tonight, she thinks tomatoes and basil are like the new Guess jeans.