Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Man I am over a dog about car things

So lately Molly said my Galaxie is hella bad on the emissions front (way more than true) and maybe we should look at gettin' a little Prius or somethin' together. Man tell me that ain't the slippery slope, and plus you know I am a dude of solid cars. I ain't sayin' we ain't got to clean up greenhouse damage and all that, but please can we do it with some cars that do not look like a Reebok. I mean a man cannot drive a Prius, it is like exactly the shape of the mouse that is under your hand, and has about the same horsepower.

I will tell you what. If you can put a Prius hybrid engine system in a '71 Eldorado, and get it so that it can at least attain a maximum speed of 25MPH, then I will drive it. No one wants to see an old Eldo go fast. The car was designed to glide real slow, to crawl past the strip, to be seen. I love the Galaxie but at times we got to admit we ain't at ALL addressin' slow car culture.