Wednesday, January 31, 2007

got way too nice of a printer

Man at the regular people electronics super-place this kid was totally pushing me, going on and on about how great and cheap new printers are, and I was like "I only need it to print black and white and maybe sometimes an extremely reasonable amount of 10% grayscale." But then he's prattlin' about ink catridges versus toner costs and "ppm" and resolution and all this stuff and hup but don't you know I now own a state of the art inkjet photo-quality printer with sixteen ink cartridges and a preview panel and a twenty dollar sampler of different photo papers (half-off with purchase). Not to mention the twenty-five dollar USB cable that does not come with the printer (it should, Jesus already). So here I am, a guy who only wanted to print out live text documents, and I can essentially open a While-U-Wait photo lab.

Man why do I always get rushed into a tizzy by salespeople and end up buying stuff I ain't need. Why am I susceptible. It's this dumb thing in my family, we always give even the lowest piece of crap our attention because it would be bad to be rude. Holy mother of clams is worrying about being rude not the right way to step out into the world. The world is rude as shit and if you ain't adoptin' the party line then they are just gonna use every part of you but the squeal.

Next time some sales dude tries to upsell me some crap I am going to break his heart with a cold, watery stare. Meanwhile I got to get Molly to read over all these damn receipts and take this thing back.