Friday, February 23, 2007

Man I had just a horrible day

Man so like at six in the morning I jumped up with a start cause I heard the dang garbage truck all bleepin' and rollin' on by and I was like, "Crap. I did not drag the can to the curb last night on account of the deluge of rain and the fact that I had not put on shoes all day." So almost immediately my biles and tomato gut-sauces shook up a mean reverse-bloody mary and I almost spewed acid and did my britches. Fortunately I took my seven breaths and a swill of nightstand water and that was that, I was able to run out in the rain and see if I could hail the dudes to stop a second and let me drag the can up to where their truck was.

I guess since I live in Ray's neighborhood though they let you slide on the trash angle cause they had run up into the area by the garage where the can lives and dragged that can to the truck themselves. I was basically unaware of what to say or think based on this information so I kind of stood there for a second and slowly realized that despite this small victory I had started my day in a horrible and anxious fashion and had almost done my drawers out of fear at a real small issue.

Since I was so wet I couldn't climb back in bed, which meant I was Up Early. I hate bein' Up Early cause it usually means I worry about Showbiz and Gramma K and my kidneys and all that stuff. Basically I just sat on the couch and watched TV judges say who could and could not have their kids anymore, and then when Molly got up I asked real nice if I could have a cup of baked beans and since she knew I was in a Place she was real understanding about it. (Baked beans are like my version of Prozac, except they can't be relied on.)

Anyhow the rest of the day was not actually much better, with some worries about weird charges on my bank account, and this new bump on my shin, and just getting way too mad at a guy who honked at an innocent car.