Monday, March 19, 2007

I was all hoi polloi and low

I was so hoi polloi at the restaurant, I hell of plebe'd it up in that place. Okay here is the skinny pants on how well that went down.

Damn but if Molly wanted to go to a makeup and reservations joint and I had a little scratch so I sort of got out the door with being all large. Once we were there though (this new place called Pazzolo where you can get this one wood oven pizza for a hundred dollars, it is for showoffs or guys who pretend to care about eating unfertilized fish eggs) I got kind of sour on it all and was pretty much a bad sport. Molly had some lemon drops and tried to ignore my antickry as I filled up our water glasses in the bathroom (waiter was hell of ignoring us because I am low) and made my green beans spell D-I-C-K when I was done eating my dish (grilled pork chop, the cheapest but still $18 jesus christ). By the end of the meal she was pretty glassy-eyed and didn't even pay attention to me so I paid up square and left half a pack of smokes in with the tip (found these in my old green flight jacket pocket, I ain't worn it in an age) and kind of guided her out of the restaurant. She goes pretty silent when she's mad and bombed up, it is a nice quality where she withdraws into herself and just accepts that I am a terrible man. Anyhow she's all tucked into bed but I am on the sass horn so I might go over and see the fellows, maybe get it on the legs and have some trouble tomorrow.