Sunday, August 22, 2004


So my uncle and aunt George and Nina Kostantinos renewed their wedding vows way on up in Hercules today and we went on up to that. The priest was being such a dick. Like, the singers would finish their song and he would just sit reading the bible for over ten seconds before getting up to continue the ceremony. Then after this one song he didn't even read the bible and his eyes were closed and I was like "oh wow maybe this will be one of those ceremonies where the priest dies" but he eventually got up and blabbed.

When Uncle George and Aunt Nina were about to come up the aisle we got these little bubble things to blow, you know, and I did some practice bubbles. The priest came at me from the side and was all DO NOT blow bubbles in the church! To Gramma K he even said "ah, just like a big baby boy!" (I guess the bubbles were for outside)

Man tonight I was realizing that I should have called the priest out. Nobody calls me a big baby boy without getting the shit batted back at him. I don't care if he was a priest. He was pretty fat and just had white puffy hair at the sides of his head. When you are not religious, you really don't mind having a challenge at a priest on his home court. I would not have touched him, but I could have backed him into a corner in front of everybody. I cold knew in my bones that old dogg was just bluster and shiny cloth.

I should have ruined that priest. A priest has nothing on me.