Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Finally finished my taxes

Dang it took me nearly forever to finish my taxes this year. I feel like kind of a knob for struggling so long with the Schedule C-21 form (Statement of Minimally Acquired Assets and Declaration of Trans-Assets) since I been doing it for so long based on owning Gramma K's trailer and being co-signed on the EPMRA-4 Pension that she gets from Gerber. I guess the thing that threw me was trying to figure out how much of the Assigned Shelter Credit I could prorate to myself based on having moved out before the year ended. You really don't want to screw up your ASC because it's a real red flag for gettin' audited. There were no real clear guidelines on the IRS-U site or any of the major tax prep websites, so I gave myself the minimum and figure anything else will come as part of my refund, which I already need to spend on repairs to the trailer (rain gutters have grass growing in them and are all rusted).

Anyhow, I finished my taxes so I feel like doing a little celebrating. Maybe I'll borrow an Amstel from Ray and shoot some pool. No, I better go buy one. I ate some of his Fritos last night. I have to stop getting high and acting like everything is mine. That is so low class.