Monday, January 09, 2006

Got the lamp!

Dang so last time I was all on about havin' possibly S.O.-S.A.D. and that I might get one of those happiness lights. I finally had Molly go get me one, like in a moment where she just couldn't get a word out of me and I wouldn't get out of bed at like 3pm, and I said "I THINK I NEED ONE OF THOSE LIGHTS OKAY?!" and she understood. She came back and plugged it in and shone it all down on my noggin and since then I been playin' it real close to the light. It's like stretchin' out in a ray of sun when that thing is on. I have a small tray for sodas and a sandwich plate and I have a nice pillow I set the laptop on. Things are good under the lamp. I wanted to call it Smiley but Molly said that was too easy so we agreed that I would call it Dave. Dave is the name of a friend, you know. Seems like everybody has a friend named Dave. I do.