Monday, April 10, 2006

damn forgot about this blog what with things

Oh dang I didn't do this blog in mainly forever. Crazy how a dude can get up to things and not remember that an amount of computer disk the weight of a spider's ovaries is waiting to hear what he had for lunch or how much trouble he is having remembering the name of his school librarian.

Okay so for lunch today I had some steak that Ray had left in the fridge (he had demanded that I eat it since he was gonna be out playin' golf while it was goin' through its Flavor Window), and the name of my school librarian escapes me. She was nice, and short, and it is sad to say but she is probably dead by now. Sad how lives go like that. Never was a president or on a rocket to Mars, but dead all the same, with no boat or street to tell it. Perhaps they renamed a small alcove of the library after her, whatever her name was. I think she wore green pants once. Iris? Irene?

There you go that is a blog plain and simple! I definitely did an extremely believable blog tonight.