Thursday, May 10, 2007

Had some poems pilin' up

Alright so like once in a while I'm like whoah there are all these poems crowdin' my desktop why don't I just move them to the Internet and keep them safe. Okay so here is some stuff from recent times.

Raw Deal
by R. Beef Kazenzakis
Crudités tray sitting there
You reach for a bite
The cauliflower head...too perfect
A movement, the florets fall away
Tarantula shoots up your sleeve

Ohhh shiiiiiit

Asparagus piece
by R. Beef Kazenzakis

Asparagus spear is just that
The bushman hurls it through the air
Wait who invited a -GAAAAACK-

[Ohhh shiiiiiit]

Corned Beef Sandwich
by R. Beef Kazenzakis

Corned beef sandwich?
Think again.
This is one meal
You will not win.

The beef replaced
With pure beef taste
Brushed onto
A meat-like case

Close your jaws
Depress the plunger
Your head explodes
Inside-out hunger

oh shiiiiiiiiiiit!