Sunday, October 21, 2007

Picking Out My Dudes

Man it is a childish thing but when you go to wear the pants with the stripe that shines you got to name your dudes in order. You got to choose your number one, then a couple to trot behind him. Why do we have to order our friends. I guess it's part of the intelligence of the ceremony design, makes us see where we stand at this juncture, who matters. But damn if it didn't do a raw one on me.

First of all, I always knew Ray would be my best man. I also always knew that my brother Michael ("Showbiz") couldn't even be counted on to be alive or paroled, and I never much felt connected with him besides. My mom always made us act like friends but it was a hell of raunch lie.

So I went in to ask Ray to be my best man. He had class and didn't act like he expected it, but when I popped the question he had me shut the office door. He busted out a hug on me and then poured us each a healthy blue label. Said he'd be honored, all that. I don't dunk tank much on extreme moments but it was cool and it was a thing. We took an extra one and he even talked for a bit real wise on how a woman can improve a man. I didn't know where he got any of that but it was polished and even sage in places.

After Ray I got in place groomsmen like Téodor, Lyle, Todd, Emeril, Spongebath, and Cornelius. I know that's kind of a big party but I been warmin' up to it. I mean how often do you get it on like this in life. How often do you even get to make your dudes support you. This structure seems decent enough as it is.