Friday, December 24, 2004

I go for walks

I been going on a lot of walks since I took in at Ray's place. I guess it is kind of my thing I do during the evening during the time when me and Molly used to just sit in and watch Jeopardy. I never felt too good about watching TV during the dinnertime hours as I suspected it led to poor metabolism. Now I am free to skulk all around like a ghost and this is pretty much great.

Tonight was a pretty normal one. I usually walk behind the public storage place so that I can see if anything interesting is happening in the hidden trailer park there (the one between the building and the highway wall) and usually I get to see a yelling or two or maybe just an old man who is so drunken that he is out in his robe with no underpants and squaddling on his little crummy porch, a bottle in his hand and the boogie all shriveled and sitting on the wood. Tonight an extremely dumb guy (you could tell by his grammar) was promising to cook chilaquiles for this other dirtbag and they were yelling about it inbetween all the trailers. I don't know why I went there, I guess it reminds me of my place in things. If you don't know, chilaquiles is a crummy Mexican dish of crumbled tortilla chips stirred in with scrambled eggs and salsa. It is crass and shitty. It is no good and not a nice dish.