Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No more money for poems I guess

Dang man Chris was like "no sorry no more money for poems the deal fell through" so I guess I got to not post my poems here anymore. Too bad, there was just this insane one comin' up that dealt with a long black licorice rope and a child's nightmare. I wonder what happened with him. I guess poems are a rough business, lots of competition from ladies and high school people.

Well let's see now what is interesting...defragged my drives on Monday, got into a new flavor of sunflower seed on Monday night while that was finishing up (Salsa Limon, real spicy, often makes me cough), and pretty late on Monday I read this real interesting article about people who get on heroin. It turns out that phrase "there but for the grace of God go I," could also go a lot like "there but for the grace of not having tried heroin go I." Pretty sticky sweets, that stuff.

Rest of the week is pretty mundane stuff, just tryin' not to spend too much money and then we gonna get cracked on Friday 'cause Ray is havin' this party where the theme is to be stoned and paint his emptied-out swimming pool (it needed repairs after we jumped this beater old Nissan into it last week).