Thursday, July 14, 2005

Product return at OfficePerfect

Man so like I had this pretty rough day, this guy at OfficePerfect thought I was lying about this defective hard drive I needed to return and asked me all kinds of dumb questions about master/slave pin arrangement and partitions and I was like look dude these simple basic questions are kind of like asking me if I put my socks inside my shoes this morning and can you please call a clerk who is less of a runty little asshole from high school man can you? I actually said those exact words and he looked at me kind of in a hard challenge but then when I continued to stare at him and wave the hard drive under my nose real slow I guess he remembered that he was a runty asshole from high school and he left.

Man why are there kids like that.

Anyhow then I got this real big lady who was just so sweet about everything, you know, the kind of person who is like "all the bullshit of this world is nothing to me, can I set things right with you, because I have that power," and I was like damn thank you Female Partition Jesus for sending just like the first nice person in twenty years down my path so I can get a new hard drive without much hassle and also just relate with a person who is kind in the first place. I do not mix much with essentially kind people.

At the short and tasty end of it I traded up slightly for a bigger HD and most importantly I met a person who I think is good. I never meet a person who is even remotely good, in my dealings over hw/food/what have you, so it was memorable. I know the lady from OfficePerfect probably has no recollection of this but it left a pretty big impression on me.