Sunday, August 14, 2005

Had to give knife back

Dang so I finally had to return that weird hundred dollar knife because I was startin' to have trouble sleepin' and was all imaginin' it moving slowly toward me at night, at one point I even mentally made a little calculation of how long I could afford to sleep based on how far the knife was from me. When you start doing awake-in-the-dark mental math based on a knife crawling towards you to kill you, you basically have a problem on your hands. I put the thing in this nice heavy black workman's lunchbox and took it down to Granite earlier today when Molly was at work, and they gave me kind of a hard time about having them open the lunchbox and eventually called security, so I gave in and opened it and they agreed to lift the knife out while I stood a little bit over by the cookbooks. I got to tell you my nerves were real weird and at heightened sensations.

Anyhow they credited my debit card and on the Reason For Return form I just wrote "My problem, not yours" and took off. I ain't ever expect to be back there, you know.