Sunday, August 28, 2005

I basically got to not have any tequila

Dang so on Friday night at Ray's we got pretty crapped up on the stuff and Saturday mornin' I was in all kinds of pain. I had the sweats you know and my gut was just all kinds of feeling like an angry blowfish was wrigglin' around in there which based on how much antics we got up to may well have been the case. I real sourly cooked up this huge egg and cheese scramble 'cause everybody's always tellin' me that greasy food cures a hangover, but the whole time I was makin' it I could just feel myself gettin' sicker. When I finally got it on the plate and sat down at the table with a fork the stuff just welled up in the back of my throat and I ended up Drivin' the Marinara Bus straight into the kitchen trash can. Oh it was so foul, it was foul as a boy dog's ass.

So I kind of grouched around the place all that day not goin' in the sun or having food be at all appealing to me and later on Molly came by with some Jammin' Juice fruit drink blends that she said would help the fog clear. She said all that stuff about eatin' greasy food is just nonsense-bolunkus and is what wasted people say as reasoning to go to Denny's at 6am. The fruit drink actually helped the pain go away so before too many hours had gone by I was able to put my feet in the hot tub and later on we watched some old X-Files about like these Amish people who had a soap cave that led to hell or something.