Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Room To Let

I like that old phrase. Anyhow, I was looking around in the newspaper and onlines just to see how expensive apartments and stuff are, in case it really did make sense for me and Molly to get our own place. Stuff is damn costly around here, I guess 'cause it's the Bay Area and so many folks want to live here for some reason which is not clear to me.

I was flipping through the back pages at the kitchen table and Gramma K wheeled in and yelled at me to make sure I folded the newspaper back up properly and not to do the crossword or "make any pencil marks" on the pages. Then Molly was leaving for work at Applebee's and Gramma told her she "better not get pregnant from those Mexicans." Oh my god what in the hell can you do. Maybe I'll ask Ray if we can move into his pool shed, I don't know if he would be down with that but it seems a pretty nice solution and he probably wouldn't charge us but a nominal rent.