Wednesday, September 08, 2004

well if that wasn't a dirt dogg of a dinner

Alright well I guess I forgot that Molly is trying to lose a few pounds (she says her new Applebees uniform makes her look like she has a lady-gut) and so she really did not want to eat a dish of fried chicken with wine and butter sauce. She just pushed different pieces of the chicken around but the volume of the food on the plate did not change because I had forgotten to serve a side vegetable or even a potato item. I barely even ate any of my Chicken a la Francese because it was stressing me out how she was picking at her food. After about five minutes I just picked both of our plates up and threw them in the trash, silverware and all, and took off. I'm blogging this from an EasyEverything down in the underground and I think I'm going to sleep in Ray's pool shed tonight.