Thursday, October 13, 2005

Car registration fees due again

Man they hock you up for a couple hundo a year and I got to think they ain't usin' that money properly. If you ever drive by a road work site where some gutto dude with a two-sided STOP/SLOW sign is makin' thirty bucks an hour and he is Lawrence from Office Space, then you know what I mean. That man is takin' home more clams than your basic scientist.

Here is what I think the Department of Motor Vehicles does when they are deciding how to use all our car registration fees.

1. Oh dogg we just got mad checks in the mail! We gonna get off the HOOK!

2. No man we got to use that money on roads and conditions

1. Come on we got to get some beers and some Sam Adams you know?! Fra-lacha!

2. There is a problem with drainage at the Gleason off-ramp

1. So let's park some trucks there from May through July and just party, man!

2. Wait. Really?

1. Who gonna ask, maen?

2. Wow.

1. We can party with my cousin Victor! Mad checks just came in, dooood!

That is what I think happens when I send my money to an office that I never see and they get to use the money in a way I can't see.