Sunday, October 23, 2005

I do not watch the Survivor TV show

I know this ranks me in the bottom 1/3 of all conversational males but I ain't been into watchin' Survivor this season. Molly is into it as always but after 782 seasons of seeing folks get correspondingly skinnier and madder I guess I been tryin' to use the time for something else.

Obviously I can still tell you what weekly Survivor updates would be like though based on havin' watched several seasons in the past. If you also ain't been watchin' Survivor, this is what you probably missed:


In an attempt to defend himself against accusations that he napped most of the day, CORY pointed out how QA-MING had failed the team in the Rope Challenge by falling three times.

DEBORAH, winner of the Reward Challenge, enjoyed the Mountain Dew hamburger bar with her mother. She opted not to let CARTER, of rival tribe MBINGUE, see his mother, and this brought tensions to the boiling point.

FRYJVAL went for a refreshing dip in the Cuoonoco and caught several fish, which brought tensions to the boiling point.

JAAQUISHA's frequent attempts to lead the DONANDI tribe into Christian prayer brought Sam and Kyle to the boiling point.

- -

So anyhow if you want to watch TV but you only have access to my URL through your highly damaged Antarctic military Internet workstation (i.e. you can get no URL but mine) then that is basically what you are missing.