Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Molly's xmas list.

Man I did the smart thing I straight up asked Molly what she would want for Christmas you know like on a list because I hate to do the guessing game. Last year at this time we were in some bad shakes and I just guessed that she would like some low-top Converse (she did, and I was hugely relieved) but I figure a guy ain't got to go through worrisome times just on account of givin' a present. A Christmas list is a completely normal thing, and dudes everywhere can ask for it. Ask for one from your lady or dude or top-bear or whatever you have, it will save you a lot of problems.

Here is her list:

1. LL Bean "Snuggle Sox" navy size M

2. "The Winding Sheet," new historical detective fiction by H. Maude Cummings (she goes through this stuff like crazy)

3. Massage

4. Pedicure

5. Manicure (I guess you could combine all three but if all three happen on the same day then maybe the lady goes into a fugue state or catatonic trance or wants to meet Seal or something, don't want to risk that)

6. Tazo "Passion" herbal tea bags (I have had these and they taste ok)

7. This one funny "shrug" they sell downtown (a "shrug" is kind of this small useless cutesy coat) that looks like you are wearing an anime panda hide

8. (this is not actually on the list) There is this funny "designed" pink box of wine at the grocery store and she always jokes that it would be fun to have it, but we never get it because we are not at box wine level. However since this is Christmas you can be kind of frivolous and maybe I will put it in the fridge with a shiny bow on it. Since it will be bad I will put Sangria elements next to it, perhaps in a nice plastic container.

Next up is I probably got to make my own Christmas list. I always have a hard time with this and eventually end up just asking if she'll cook me some sirloin and eggs sometime when I'm not expecting it. To me that is a good gift, and not too costly, considering I only want it once.