Sunday, September 26, 2004

Maybe not an ulcer

So Chris gave us the whole last week off and I didn't have to stress about being on call for casting or anything. It was pretty nice, me and Molly went on a little "vacation" by fixing up Ray's pool house to be kind of a romantic bungalow. I used some of the money I got from selling this big drum scanner he gave me—we hung like those oriental paper lights from IKEA and got a nice rug and a music player. Ray was down with letting us have exclusive use of the pool and hot tub at nights, and he even cooked us dinner a couple times (provided we would sample his latest brews and give him feedback notes). It was mega-relaxing, just sitting by the pool on those lay-down chairs while Ray brought us mandarin orange cinnamon ales and tamarind-spiced lobster/bacon shish kebab. In the afternoons we'd move to the other side of the pool and flip through the phone book for nice restaurants we hadn't been to yet. Molly really appreciated having time away from Gramma K, who stresses her out a lot. Maybe at some point in the future we'll try to get our own place. Who knows. Not just yet though.

After that week of stone cold relaxation I noticed that my stomach is back to normal, even with all the heavy eating, so I guess it was perfect timing. No more peptic ulcer symptoms or passing out or sweats or anything. Maybe it's me that needs to move away from Gramma K. Damn, I need to think about this.