Friday, October 29, 2004

Man what do you even do

Well I guess the last time I wrote in here Molly and me were still lookin' for a place to rent together. Some basic things have changed since then, like that she moved in with Tina. She could tell I was kind of uncomfortable about getting a place together so she took matters into her own hands. I guess out of the two of us she is the one who isn't content to sit still. It was kind of sudden, and it complicates me going to visit because Tina never liked me. Molly didn't know that Tina used to be Ray's old lady, it just so happened that they worked together at Applebee's and Tina mentioned that she needed a roommate to replace some girl who got drafted into the Salt-N-Pepa Army or something.

I said that Tina didn't like me. That was the impression I always got when she was with Ray. She was one of those girlfriends who can be the only person in her man's life. All of her man's friends have to get lost if she's around. You know the type, a real crummy dame, as Dashiell Hammett would say. Maybe it's different now that she's not with Ray though, maybe she will just be indifferent to me rather than outright cold.

Another basic thing that has changed is that I had two moles removed and I feel like two bees are constantly stinging me. If Molly was here she'd tell me to take some Tylenol but she's not so maybe I'll look for that later.