Sunday, November 07, 2004

orange keys

I think all I've eaten lately is cheez doodles. My keyboard keys are kind of sticky/grainy with the cheez powder, not really sure how to get it off. Whatever, I can deal.

Molly called and left a message. She wanted to go on a picnic but I really don't see the point. She moved out. Her vector is headed away from mine now. Obviously this is how it's supposed to be, or else we'd be closer as opposed to further apart. If you were watching us from a satellite it would be really clear to you that we're growing apart because there is greater distance between our basic coordinates. Sometimes you just need to step back an order of magnitude and look at the thing with a cold, detached eye. Life looks a lot simpler when viewed from above. We all look like ants going either towards sugar or away from danger. We ain't so complicated.

I mean, what kind of magical being sits around eating cheez doodles and refreshing slashdot all day. We ain't the final word in evolution, people.