Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Think I might have asthma

Some dude with just these nasty-ass dreadlocks came by and asked if we had any old bikes that he could fix up but almost immediately I started sneezing nonstop and couldn't talk about bikes. He said "bless you, mon" a few times but after a while of the sneezing he got real annoyed and just kind of said he might try back another time and left. It is possible that he thought I was sneezing as a way of implying that he did not smell so great but folks can't really fake a believable sneeze in the way you can with a cough. Anyhow within thirty seconds my sneezes abated and it was back to normal. Is it asthma when you get the extreme sneezes? Maybe I was just allergic to whatever doo he used while curing his dreads. Seriously, I heard they use dog poo as part of the "rub" that makes their hair turn into that terrible mess. Imagine that, being allergic to rasta people. Put that in your pipe and smoke it (50' or greater from my door).