Friday, October 07, 2005

So things with me and Molly.

Well if you want any kind of account the basic fact is that we are hanging around and she usually kicks at my place in the evenings, sometimes staying at her place if she works late and doesn't want to make the long walk from the nearest bus stop to Ray's (since Ray's neighborhood is pretty falutin' they ain't got many bus stops too close by). So that is all fine and good, we get a good balance of time and I can feel free to kick around this place just frettin' or makin' a dish to eat. Truth be told it is more of the former and the last dish I cooked to eat was pretty crass, just some microwaved hot water that I threw frozen peas into and when the peas were hot I ate those with a slotted spoon. I figured the peas had nutrition but I looked them up on Google and peas ain't got zick-dack for my dang endoplasmic reticulum to pass around. My endoplasmic reticulum is like "why did you eat peas." Like it is kind of bored and does not look up from its newspaper.

We are gonna go on a "last picnic" tomorrow, last picnic before it rains kind of thing. It will be good to get a decent sandwich, maybe I will stop havin' the Confusions and feelin' all weak in the morning. Man I got to eat better. It is still noisy, I will go out to Ray's party and get some wings and slaw from the catering. I love on some buffalo wings, all dressed in delectable sauce.